Principle of Operation

ßeta Rotary Twin Lobe Compressor (Roots Blowers) is a positive displacement, constant volume machine which operates against varying pressure. The Two “8” shaped impellers which are mounted on parallel shafts, rotate in opposite direction and with every revolution of the impeller across the compressor inlet, a definite volume of air is trapped and carried across the casing to the compressor outlet where this air is discharged. With a constant speed operation,the displaced volume is essentially the same at a constant pressure, temperature or barometric pressure. Increasing the speed of the Beta compressor against a constant pressure increases the volume of air delivery. The helical timing gears fitted in a Beta blower control the relative position of the impellers to one another and maintain small but definite clearances. This allows operation without the need for lubrication inside the air casing.

Design Features / User Benefits

The compact and sturdy design is engineered for regular service to operate in accordance with designed speed and pressure ratings. Each Beta blower has specific impeller profiles and is machined to precision on the latest CNC machines assuring tolerances within precise limits. Same manufacturing process is followed for blower casing, gears and side covers.

Beta Blowers are preferred choice of the clients due to following main features:-.

  1. Stronger Shafts.A strong shaft avoids the breakage / twisting problems. Our blowers are equipped with stronger shafts. Size of shaft diameter is minimum 0.35 times of the centre distance, which gives more strength of the shaft leading to more power transmission. In-case of other blowers, it is hardly 0.20 times of the centre distance, which at times results in breakage/ twisting of the shaft.
  2. Benefits of Less Diameter/ Centre Distance Ratio of Diameter of the Rotary Lobes.Ratio of overall diameter of the rotary lobes/impellers to the centre distance is less in Beta Blowers which results in lesser momentum, lesser frictional horse power losses and lesser load on the bearings, whereas in other blowers it’s more as compared to the Beta Blowers.
  3. Both Sides Oil Lubrication Beta Blowers are specially meant for high operating speed and effective power saving, which requires both-side oil lubrication. Thus, all the Beta Blowers have large oil sumps on both (i.e. Drive and Non-Drive) ends. This leads to very high limiting speed of all the Beta Blowers compared to other blowers. In other blowers, generally one side is lubricated with oil while other side has grease lubrication leading to high temperature and less bearings life.
  4. Less Vibration Effects on the Bearings In all models, most of the breakdowns take place due to the direct impact of higher limits of the vibrations on rotating equipments like bearings. To avoid and reduce this impact in Beta Blowers, the legs are provided in the casing itself and the bearings are also not situated in he line of legs due to which the vibration factor does not act directly on the bearings, resulting in less breakdowns and longer life of the bearings.
  5. More Suitable Blowers for Heavy/Continuous Duties Thickness of each casting material is more in Beta Blowers comparable to other available brands in market. This is why Beta Blowers are more sturdy and reliable and thus more suitable for heavy/continuous duties comparable to others.
  6. Exclusive Left Hand Drive Blowers Some times during the operation, some motors could give a jerk impact to the blower’s drive end and it may damage the gears resulting in breakdowns. To avoid this problem,the fitment of all the Beta Blowers are left hand drive, so that the jerk impact will only goes to the right side, (where there is sufficient space available), providing the Transmission Gears an uncompressive nature & giving a smooth and steady operation.
  7. Higher Flow Capacity with Energy Saving Due to Helical Timing Gears Beta Blowers are equipped with Helical Timing Gears for lesser load on bearings, reduce the noise level and make the blowers most suitable for running at higher speeds up to 4000 rpm and save the energy. In other blowers with similar specifications, they run at 1200 RPM due to use of spur gear. This goes on to prove that the flow capacity of beta blowers is much higher as compared to other blowers. This has one more benefit-requires less energy for same flow capacity.
  8. Power of Angular Contact Bearings Beta Blowers are fitted with angular contact ball-bearings at the non-drive end. This has been done with a view that only these bearings can handle the Axial thrust as well as Radial load. They also eliminate the chances of shifting of the lobes/rotors to either side;hence it reduces the chances of breakdowns by a great margin.
  9. Less Noise Level For a better work environment, Noise level of Beta Blowers is at least 2 db lesser as compared from other brands of same construction.
  10. Special Arrangement to Change the Oil Seals Oil Seals of a blower have some rubber portion in their inner circle and due to the wear and tear, oil seal needs to be replacing after a certain time. If the oil seal is situated somewhere in the deep, the blower has to be dismantled for his change. This takes a lot of time. And at times, the blower has to be sent for a repair, causing loss of time. To avoid this problem, Beta Blowers oil seals are placed at a very prominent place on the side plate. For replacing it, all you need to do is to remove the pulley and it gets done in a matter of no time.
  11. Oil Seal Wear Liner Sleeve on Shaft There is a hard and ground replaceable metallic sleeve provided on the shafts of all the Beta Blowers which eliminates the wear and tear of the shaft due to the oil seal.



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