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Our Product Range and Manufacturing Technology

At Beta blower, we believe that continual improvement is the key to maintain a successful market position in today’s competitive world. This has led to development and refinement of our air blowers to cater for standard air or natural gas applications and for usages in hazardous and explosive gases’ systems. We also offer a wide range of twin lobe blowers that cater to numerous industrial applications. Beta Blower is manufacturing quality blowers at competitive price. Our blower designs are result of thorough research and development using feedbacks of customers,latest technological up gradations and CAD/CAM applications to ensure precision in every designed product. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified quality producer, Beta Blower prides itself for its competitiveness, efficiency and energy saving factors in all its air blowers.

What sets us apart - Marketing and after sales support

We believe in going that extra mile to attain the ultimate parameter of customer delight.We ensure that our esteemed customers get an excellent after sales support apart from our quality products. Our wide chain of marketing offices stretch across the country in business centers like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Jamshedpur and Durg and manned by highly trained and motivated staffs only to deliver the best.

Following are the range of products offered by us:-

  1. Rotary Air Blowers are widely using in Application demanding medium pressure and relatively large flow rates. Some of the areas of applications of our blowers can be summarized as under:-
  2. Water Treatment Plants - For backwashing of filter beds.
  3. ETP/STP (Effluent/Sewage Treatment Plants) - For diffused aeration and agitation of effluent.
  4. Electroplating Plants - For oil free air agitation of electrolyte to maintain uniform density.
  5. Bio-gas Boosting – For transferring of Bio-gas from gas-holder to boiler.
  6. Pneumatic Conveying – For vacuum, pressure and combination conveying of cereals, cement, husk, baggage, granules, powders and other similar material. Cement Plants - For blending, Aeration, Fluidization, and conveying.
  7. Aquaculture - For maintaining the dissolved oxygen level.
  8. Steel Plants, Sugar Plants and Sponge Iron plants also use our blowers for their specific process applications.

Product Philosophy

We understand that a good product implies a complete solution and we endeavor to offer the same to our esteemed customers. High quality product at competitive prices is the hallmark of our company. Reliable and timely after- sales service provided by our experienced and capable is another distinctive feature of our company. We ensure in-depth analysis of defects (if any) by our team technical support with a view to improve the reliability of our repaired products. Our products are designed to sustain technological demands of their applications and deliver it’s designed functions over the years.

Our philosophy is the guideline for us to continually focus on innovative designs and high quality products to set new benchmarks of excellence in the industry. We have been satisfactorily delivering qualitative and cost effective machines to our customers for since inception of our company.

Business Philosophy

We are committed to setting new benchmarks in quality for our wider range of products,robust technology base and advanced after sales services. We endeavor to expand our technological base persistently only to deliver our products successfully. In order to provide added benefits of our customers, we keep revising and updating our product range to render it as comprehensive and exhaustive as possible, which also enable them a one stop shop experience.

We have been adhering to the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, to ensure the quality of our product and procedures followed during their production/trials. Our motive is to grow, which is not feasible without wholehearted support of our customers, suppliers, employees and business partners.

Our Clients

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