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Tri-Lobe Roots Blowers/Compressors

Beta provides a complete range of blowers having flow rate ranging from 10m3/hr to 15000 m3/hr for working pressure up to 1kg/cm2(10,000MMWC) in pressure applications and up to 0.5kg/cm2(5000MMWC) in Vacuum applications.

Beta Blowers are available as complete package units or as a bare blower unit for replacement of an existing blower.

Working Principle:

Tri Lobe Blowers/Compressors are positive displacement units, whose pumping capacity is determined by size, operating speed and pressure conditions.

It has two Tri-lobe (each lobe at an angle of 120ᴼ) impellers mounted on parallel shafts, rotating in opposite directions within a casing closed at the ends by side plates. Impellers rotation allows air into one side of the casing and forced out of the opposite side against the existing pressures. The differential pressure developed, therefore, depends upon the resistance of the connected system.

Advantages of Tri-Lobe Blower over Twin-Lobe Blower:

Features of Beta Make Twin Lobe Roots Blowers:


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